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Monday, August 24, 2015

September Leisure World Activities

Many of you may remember Carolyn Cornelious who bought Marilyn Ward's mobile at 318 Palmetto  Palm.  Carolyn spent her first winter in Leisure World renting Ralph Klenke's park model at 327 Palmetto.  When Marilyn put hers up for sale Carolyn bought it and spent last winter there. 

Carolyn could be seen several times a day walking her dog, Toby.

Last Friday, August 21st, Carolyn took a tumble at her home in Fairmount, Indiana and broke her foot.  X-Rays at the hospital revealed it broken in three places.  She was admitted to Marion General Hospital, Marion, Indiana, where she underwent a 1.5 hour surgery.  Three pins and a plate to repair damage.  Carolyn will be in a boot for 12 weeks and will require rehabilitation.

 You may send Carolyn a card at Carolyn Cornelious, 520 Howard Ct., Fairmount, IN 46928.  She would enjoy hearing from you.
Carolyn is pictured here helping out in the Leisure World kitchen
She is now at home from the hospital and in very good spirits

Sunday, August 23, 2015

High School Graduations

Dick and Phyllis have been back to Iowa quite a few times this summer.  This time was for a grandson's high school graduation. 

Denver is now all settled in his dorm at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa where he will be a medical major.  
Then a trip to Milton, Wisconsin for another grandson's high school graduation. 
Joseph is all set for the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Wisconsin where he will be majoring in Engineering.
We are very proud of our grandson's. 

Dolls for Africa

Dick and Phyllis's daughter and grandson have been going to Africa every summer for a few weeks doing missionary work.  Every year we have collected different things that they can take to help out the village people.  This year 70 dolls that Phyllis made with the help of Dick and her sister Barb, was sent along with 100 tooth brushes, 100 flip flops and medical supplies.  Phyllis has now completed another 37 dolls ready for their  trip in 2016.  Thirty-seven dolls don't sound like a lot, but when you have to stuff two legs and two arms for each doll - 148 parts - now that is tiring.   But, the enjoyment of those receiving the dolls is well worth all the work.

Some of the children getting a doll, our daughter Carrie (the blond) and our friend Maddy in background.
And some of the ladies want a doll for themselves also.  As this lady is heading to collect water, you can see the doll hanging beside her tub. 
This gentleman wanted in on the action also and clutches his doll.  In the background is our grandson Denver with friend Maddy.

High School Alumni Banquet

Dick and Phyllis traveled back to Runnells, Iowa where they attended the High School Alumni Banquet.  Phyllis (on left) graduated with a total of 16.  Out of the 16, there are only 11 living.  This was our 54th class reunion.  Six of us were able to attend and enjoyed the evening.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mam-Ma  Mary holding Damon Emric Jones.  Damon was born July 18th to Bobby and Chelsea Jones.
Chelsea is our granddaughter.
Stan, Matthias Gordon Ritter, Mary
aka Pap-Pa Stan and Mam-Ma Mary
Matthais' High School Graduation from Hagerstown High School
Matthias is attending Indiana University Richmond Campus where he is running Cross Country and Track

I visited with my grandson Zachary Duane Jones and my great grandson Jackson Duane Jones in Elwood, Indiana. 
Stan and I visited with our youngest son, Barry Ritter and our great granddaughter Lynley Alexa Jones.  Lynley now has a brother.  Lynley 's 1st birthday was July 9th and her brother was born July 18th.  Planned pregnancies.  I asked my granddaughter if she was going to have another one next year and her reply was "No, I'm going to take a year off and then have another.  To which I just laughed or more like a groan.  (-:

Don't let the blog end...

Let's put our thinking caps on and start writing some articles, so Dave won't delete this blog...

We'll see you all in about six weeks...