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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Mary Gainer

Tuesday, April 15, fifteen friends from Leisure World attended a luncheon at Lin's to celebrate the birthday of Mary Gainer, hosted by Stan Gainer and Phyllis Connett.  After lunch the group returned to the Activity Room where Ruth Elliott had set tables for ice cream and cake.
If you see walking, flashing lights in the park it is not an Alien from outer space.  It is Mary Gainer with her walking stick that Ruth Elliott gave to her. 
Those who were unable to attend due to other commitments and/or illness were greatly missed.

Scott Boyd and Maxine Rice
Frank Lawless
Everyone returned from Lin's to the Activity Room for fellowship, ice cream and cake.
Several joined us at that could not attend the luncheon.
Phyllis and Dick Connett
Art and Joannie Miller
Mary Bass says "I'll get it yet" Rita Boyd looks on

Stan Gainer

Is Dan Foxhoven fickle???????
                                                                                Mary & Lloyd
Fran says "I know he loves me"

Sunday, April 13, 2014


 Texas Longhorn Steakhouse was our first eat out of the summer season.  Jewett Powers and Carol Slater are our hosts this year. We had our first eat-out on Thursday the 10th  and did we have a crowd, which really made it fun, a lot of gabbing and a lot of laughter. There were 47 of us talking and cutting up and when we started eating, did it ever get quiet! I think there are a few people that hesitate to go back North and I don't blame them.  Like I said 47 of us, and we took up at least 1/4 of the steak house....We had a few extras like: Dorothy Nill's two sons, Jo Anne's daughter and Mary Baas had a son and daughter-in-law present, so when I post the pictures you will see new young faces! Nice to have Youth in the park, if only for awhile.

                              Frank has his arms crossed, he must be trying to shut me out.

                                                    The King and Queen of Mexico
                                                                     Mary's Clan.

                Some of them complained about food in their mouth, I said, "Shut up and smile!"
                                                      Mary has a birthday coming up
                                                       Phyllis just had her hair done.


 Now Marian was just all over the place, she loved having her picture taken. Good subject I might add. Nice smile.

                                                  Mother and Daughter below~~~~~~~~
                                          Jo Anne's beautiful daughter and beautiful smile
                                                                         Young Love!
                                                                Mr. Presidente'

                                 Beth would have to tell you why she is laughing so hard! I Know!

                                              Darn~There is that Marian again~Love her
                                      THE END~ FOXYS PHOTO PRESENTATION~2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Springtime in Fort Dodge, Iowa

April Fool on April 4th is what Joann Whittington captioned this photo.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

April Activities

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tierra Santa Coed Golf

A very successful first year at the Leisure World Tierra Santa Golf Course for Coed golf climaxed on Thursday with Fun Day. We had 27 golfers shooting for the many prizes and door prizes. We also had 8 guest arrive in time for dinner following golf. The six hole prize winners were Jan Glover for Ladies Closest to the Pin, Lorna Bentt for Ladies Long Drive, Karen Meyers for Ladies Longest Putt. Mike Meyers for Mens Longest Putt, Patrick Shea for the Men’s Long Drive and Art Klassen for Men’s Closest to the Pin. The winning team was the threesome of Kathy Klassen, Mike Meyers and Jim Wright. We want to thank the kitchen staff at TS for putting on a great meal with three different choices. We also want to thank all of our ladies dessert makers, our prize donors and a special thank you to Lorna Bentt and Terry Caywood our Chair and Assistant Chair for the season!

L-R: Karen, Lorna, Jan. Art, Patrick and Mike

Jim Kathy and Mike


Wally Bentt