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Monday, November 30, 2015

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayer Requests

Mary Ferguson.    Park resident, Red Decock passed away Monday morning. Prayers for Sharon and family.
                                 Park resident, Shelly Grandstaff is awaiting an appointment for ablation surgery for arterial fibrillation.

Beth Staton.           Requests prayers for Jason Keesy. He is in the military and has some serious problems.

Ongoing Prayer Need

Mary Gainer. Granddaughter-in-law, Brooke Jones, suffering from Krohns Disease needs to continue to improve so surgery will be possible in March.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Trudy Hauserman - Update - Trudy is now in rehabilitation from her fall.  She had a broken bone through the skin and on the other side another broken bone on her left foot.  Her left foot has a cast up to her knee, and while lying in bed felt her right foot was hurting so badly, black and blue, only to find out she has a broken arch and a malartsal bone in right foot.

Phyllis Connett's sister Beverly Pearson- Update -  is now home from surgery.  She had right kidney removed due to cancer and is doing well.

Phyllis Connett's brother Don De Joode  - Update - Fell from trimming a tree with branch and chain saw.  Concussion, broken collar bone, broken thumb, all ribs on right side (except two) broken, broken pelvis.  Rod and screws in pelvis.  Now out of ICU.  Still in hospital.  When he does go home he will be in a wheel chair for approximately five weeks.  Very black and blue all over.
The Leisure Lore deadline is Dec. 1.  Please get all information to Jeanette or Jewett by then if you want the material included.  All pictures should be accompanied by the story.  If possible please make your stories as an attachment to an e-mail.  Jewett's e-mail is

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reminising with old and new friends...

Leisure World Thanksgiving dinner at the rec. hall.  Everyone seem to enjoy the wonderful time to reminise with old and new friends.
Can you pick out someone you might know???



And last is Mary Casey enjoying dessert....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

These are requests from the Sunday morning service. I am using them to familiarize myself with posting on the blog.

Prayer Requests

Mary Ferguson:     Nieces husband, Mitch Labenz, passed away from a heart attack on
          Monday. Prayers for the family.
Rayma Bitters:       Friend, Bernie Ruth, fell down steps and has broken ribs and bone             in neck.
Phyllis Connett:     Sister, Trudy Hauserman, has broken bones in both feet and is in             nursing home for recovery.
Beth Staton:            Park resident, Red Decock, taken to hospital for breathing 
         problems and retaining fluid.

Ongoing Prayer Need

Mary Gainer:            Grandsons wife, suffering from Krohns Disease, has improved                   and may be ready for surgery in January.

In Praise

Jeanette Greve Thompson:   Son Tom and wife Rachel arrived safely in Germany to                        begin serving Rachel's 3 year assignment with the Army.
Mary Gainer:             The birth of her 21st great grandchild.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

This is a trial post to test my skills at posting on the blog. Plans are to post prayer requests regularly. This is open to everyone in Leisure World. If you have a prayer request or praise request you may email me at There will be information in the Leisure Lore explaining the venture. Please watch the blog for more posts.     Thanks to Pastor Charles and Beth Staton for their direction in getting this started. Sincerely,  Mary Ferguson.

Friday, November 20, 2015


 On Monday, November 9th, past Leisure World resident Trudy Hauserman had a fall in her home.  She hit her head on the tile causing a brain bleed, and rushed to the hospital finding she has a compound fracture on her left foot.  A broken bone that went through the skin bleeding and another broken bone on the other side of the same foot.  
 After a few days in ICU, her right foot was painful also and very bruised.  In checking out that foot, she learned she had another problem - a fracture in the arch - a broken metatarsal bone plus another broken bone.   
But, she is looking on the bright side, as she was told she gets to wear a special "wood" shoe.  This will give her some support to help her put weight on the right foot. 
After spending a few days in ICU, she will be going to a nursing home where she will be having therapy for a minimum of one week.  Trudy always enjoyed Leisure World residents and so many have asked about her.   If you would like to send Trudy a note, she would love to hear from you...
Trudy Hauserman
4500 S.W. Lakeview Dr. 
Topeka, Kansas   66610