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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I really enjoy reading about and seeing all the people in these pictures. Thank you

Look Who Went To Dairy Queen

Look who went to Dairy Queen after the jam.
When you snooze you lose. 
Mary said, after winning the 50/50 at the jam
"let's go to Dairy Queen"
Of course I'm very lucky everyone didn't show up,
the pot wasn't that big, but it was big enough for these five
Carolyn Cornelious, Stan Gainer, Mary Gainer, Ron & Lila Mozdzen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Country Jam

Tuesday, December 16, 2014, saw the best jam of the season for Leisure World.  As our Winter Texans continue to return to the Valley our numbers are increasing at the jam.  More people are taking advantage of eating lunch at the hall and staying for the music.  We have many jammers from other parks joining us to share their talents.  This seems to rev up the band.  With more people to play for the band gets excited and so does their music.  If you have not participated you have missed a lot of fun.  Please join us in January when the jams resume. 
Larry & Trudy Hauserman with Mary Bass enjoy the jam
Ruth Caturia, Sue Heiderschidt, Sharon Staude, Gen Taylor & Karen Smith
serve lunch to the crowd.  These ladies also prepared the lunch and it takes
two days to do it.  A lot of preparation goes into the delicious lunches that
our volunteers serve.  Thank You Leisure World Ladies.

Pat LaFoe is our cashier and coordinator for the kitchen crew.
Thank You Pat for all of the work you do.

Jim Edwards sells 50/50 tickets at the jam and guess who
he sold the winning ticket to this week???????

The photographer must have moved the camera when she took this picture.  I have to show
it anyway.  This is Tim and Linda Parr, Elsiebel's daughter and son-in-law.  Another
generation  in Leisure World.  It's good to them here.  Missed Elsiebel.

Bev Mckibben serves up the most delicious pies for lunch.

Myril & Mary Ferguson just finished their lunch and are smiling.
Must have enjoyed it as we all do.

As couples move through the line some pause and smile for the camera.
The photographer is having a senior moment and cannot remember your name.
Next time you see me please tell me your name.  Thanks for joining us for
lunch and the jam.
Beth Staton smiles for the camera as she waits to listen to hubby, Jim, sing.
Ron & Lila Mozdzen are sharing a table with Beth and Rob and Marybeth Chandler
are seen at the next table.

Don & Joan Kurtenbach  smile for the camera

Don Kurtenbach was enjoying lunch with Joan and Linda Shires
until the photographer ask for him to identify Donovan.  Look
at the surprise on his face.  OK Don.   I'll not tell everyone
that your name is Donovan. 
Louie Long sings the closing Gospel medley while
everyone sings along.

Ron Ford singing "Would You Want The World To End Loving Me"
Pat Jett singing a 1920's song that was brought back by the Beatles.
The crowd loved Pat's version of
"Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight"

Louie Jett taking his turn singing "Let's Do The Twist"
We have been twisting to this Chubby Checker song since
we were kids and enjoyed Louie's version very much.  Talented
man to sing this jumping song and playing the guitar.

Judy from Ranchero Village
Stan Gainer singing "Love Me Tonight"

Ken Hill from Ranchero Village playing rhythm guitar

Don & Caroline Batson enjoy the jam.  They are part
of "the Missouri Group".  Don & Caroline arrived earlier
than most of the group to enjoy the warm weather.

Leonard VanDrese singing "I've Had A Beautiful Time"

Marian VanDrese singing Jeannie Seeley's biggest hit.
"Don't Touch Me"

Donna & Clarence Thomas singing
"I'll Have A Blue Christmas"
Celine Johnston singing "I'm Sorry For You My Friend".
Celine plays keyboard for the band.  We appreciate
Celine and the bands dedication

Bob & Lorraine Allen singing a Keith Whitley/Lorrie Morgan hit,
"Til A Tear Becomes A Rose"

AJ McComas from Trails End sings
Priscilla from Weslaco Trailer Park entertained the crowd with
"The Winter Texan Song" and "Those Were The Days"
Funny Lady!!

Louie Long singing "I Don't Hurt Anymore"
Louie did confess that he does hurt in his hips but
I think this song refers to the heart, but we will take
Louie's word for it. :)

Terri Taves & Judy from Ranchero Village singing
"Jingle Bells"
Ralph Klenke & Donis Hanrahan enjoying the music

Carolyn Cornelious & Mary Bass enjoying the music while
Lorraine Babcock is in deep thought.  I'll bet she is enjoying
the music too.

Corky Rink getting ice for her tea.  Time for a refreshment.

Jewett & Carol Powers relaxing with needlework while
enjoying the jam.  Son and husband Neil Powers played
the guitar along with the band and jammers.  Neil chose
not to sing this time.

Dave Slater smiles for the camera.  Dave and wife Carol
were kind enough to loan the photographer a camera for
the winter.  She forgot hers at home in Indiana.

Ruth Barnhardt stops eating to smile for the camera.
Thanks Ruth
Donna Colstom eating lunch before the jam

Jack & Donna Fisher listen to the music

Big John from Trails End is a popular jammer

One of Leisure World's favorite entertainers, Jim Staton
singing for the crowd after celebrating his birthday
the night before with friends from as far away as

Pat D'Hoker waiting for the music to start.  What a pleasant smile.
Charles Mangrum likes this Country Music.  Charles & Betsy live
in Tennessee and they have a neighbor who is connected with
one of the most popular lady country singers. 
Dolly Parton

Mel & Darlene Hermann waiting for the music

Al Klingson & Margaret also waiting for the music to start
Wayne Hand had his lunch and will stay for the music

Glen & Lavonn Rude smile for the photographer and Lavonn says "HI"

Vivian Swearns & Carol Johnk waiting for the music to start.
Last week the photographer caught this couple out in the street
going to the shuffleboard courts during the jam.  Glad to see
that they chose the jam this week.

We have very friendly neighbors who come to listen to the music

Marilyn Thompson came for lunch and the jam while waiting
for time for her flight back home to Iowa for Christmas
with her family.

Karin Jones plays the Dobro and sings

Bob Thompson plays the spoons.
Louie Jett, Ron Ford and Celine Johnston on stage

Who won the 50/50??????????????
Mary Gainer and I said "let's go to Dairy Queen"
The only ones to show up at my house to go to Dairy Queen was
Carolyn Cornelious, and Ron & Lila Mozdzen.
We went to and had ice cream and saw Leisure Worlders.
Jerry and Diane Cantu while there.